Spotify Tested New Floating Mini Player UI For Android Devices

Spotify is now testing a new floating mini player in their app for Android. The floating mini player will let users control the music and bring in additional controls for playing music, writing a review, and making a playlist.

This blog will explore this new UI and look at the pros and cons to see if it is something that should become a permanent feature.

The new floating effect feature is one of the most striking features of Spotify UI For Android Devices. By making the corners rounded, it gives users a modern and attractive look, as well as a new quality – which is why when you listen to the song, the color and theme change – just like an album!

Floating Mini Player UI For Android Devices

Spotify Tested New Floating Mini Player UI For Android Devices

Spotify has always been discovering trends to keep its users on their toes. With the new floating effect feature, it offers users rounded corners instead of square corners and this new modern quality gives them a brand new look as well as striking appearance. The songs also have a different color theme which changes according to the album like how different colors are associated with different albums on Spotify. You can enjoy all the aforementioned features in case you sign up for your free trial.

In the newest version of our application, a familiar music player will appear – but this time it’ll float! Our design team suggested this change because they were keeping up with the times, and also to make listening to music with Spotify faster and more efficient.

As a person who loves music, it can get tough sometimes to try and find just the song or artist you are looking for! I am glad that Spotify UI For Android Devices has made it its mission to tune into its users’ needs and deliver them the best user experience possible.

In some cases, this meant getting rid of features that many regular Spotify users hung on to for dear life such as a mini player in the corner of the screen when listening to music. While some might be sad about missing out on this feature (I know I will miss it for sure). most will be more than satisfied with the new updates that have replaced any need for a mini-player, like a floating one-click player so you can skip songs much quicker than before.

We need to wait a little longer to use all these features. We should keep updating Spotify on Google Play Store to get this feature soon.

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