Spotify Partners with GIPHY: Here are the full details

The era of GIFs has arrived and it is only going to get bigger. If you aren’t yet ready to join in on the fun, then you need to jump on board. You can start by finding a great GIF. GIPHY is the perfect place to start. GIPHY makes it easy to find the perfect GIF for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a GIF that represents the feeling that you want to express or you need a GIF to fill the space of a wordless conversation, GIPHY is the place to go.

Spotify and GIPHY are joining forces to redefine music in the age of GIFs. According to a press release, they will create the world’s first GIF-powered music platform that will enable artists to share GIFs with Spotify’s audience of over 60 million users.

For Spotify, it’s a way to show music in a whole new way. Users who follow an artist’s GIPHY page on Spotify will receive all of the artist’s new GIFs through their Spotify newsfeed. GIPHY will then use its technology to analyze the music behind the GIFs.

Spotify and GIPHY are teaming up to create an all-new music era. They have made a new way to discover, create, and share GIFs on music. Spotify’s UGC program also offers a great opportunity to musicians to expand their audiences and gain more exposure.

  • Search for your favorite artist’s GIF who is available on GIPHY’s mobile apps or
  • After getting the artist’s official GIPHY channel then tap on your favorite GIF that you want to use.
  • Click on the “Listen on Spotify” to participate in any GIF.
  • Then you can take the artist’s Spotify page directly and enjoy even more music from the artist you love.

The idea behind this collaboration is to connect Spotify into every platform that uses GIFs, whether it’s Skype or WeChat. Therefore the promotion will happen throughout channels like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram — where users can share cool tracks regardless of what they’re doing at any given moment! It’s also a business strategy for them to capture their audience on different media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The artists’ popularity will also be significantly enhanced by Kingma as well. Music has been proven to have a positive effect on human emotions – so maybe what we need right now is an addictive way to express ourselves through GIFs in a fun way that doesn’t hurt us in the long run!

Blessing and dicing the web can be tricky sometimes. It takes a lot of effort to make sure that all the ‘ingredients’ are there so you can put together an image, video, or text post that fully engages your audience.

Spotify says that the brand-new feature will be available globally soon from verified GIPHY artists’ pages.

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