Spotify’s New and Improved Song Recommendations Enhance Feature

Music streaming service Spotify is rolling out a new Enhance Features that will help its users find out more about the songs and artists they are listening to. The feature is already available on the Apple version of the app, and the company is currently developing an Android version.

Spotify is rolling out a new feature—related tracks—that’s designed to help users find new music. When you’re listening to a song and you tap the Related Tracks button (or the heart icon) you’ll now be given a list of songs that sound similar to the one you’re listening to. The results will appear in a carousel on the right side of the app, which you can scroll through at will.

About Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows you to listen to any music you want. It does this by giving you recommendations based on what music you have been listened to in the past. Spotify has now announced that it will be rolling out a new feature that will be able to give people better recommendations. The new feature will be able to recommend songs that are more tailored to the user’s tastes.

It will do this by first looking at what the user has been listening to and then figuring out the types of songs that you would like more of. Spotify is rolling out a new “Snapshot” feature that will give the users suggestions about artists and songs based on the songs they are currently listening to, and their past listening habits.

Why do they introduce ‘Enhance’?

Lots of people take issue with how some playlists seem to come together so seamlessly. This means that finding tracks to match the melody or mood may prove more difficult. But it can also mean there is a chance to broaden one’s horizons and get truly acquainted with new music and artists they potentially wouldn’t have listened to before.

Users are often disappointed when faced with the effort that goes into compiling a playlist. This is especially true if the songs and artists don’t come together seamlessly. Sometimes it could be difficult to find tracks that match the mood or melody of a playlist, so one has to broaden their horizons by adding new music and possibly some more established artists as well like ‘Enhance’ for Spotify premium users who may want to add recommendations from new and existing playlists but can’t seem to figure out how or where they should look when they need help

Let’s see how to use these Enhance features

  • You can find the Enhance button at the top of every playlist. Just tap the button to on or off or enable and disable the services.
  • After activating the services, The recommendations into the tracklist will appear then. You can get one offer on every two songs. Also, you can get a maximum of 30 requests in a day.
  • Enhance-recommended songs are marked with a bright green sparkles icon that helps you to know that those songs are not available in your playlist.
  • If you like the recommended track, simply press the ‘+,’ which is visible at the top of every way. Then the recommended song is added to your playlist permanently.

Enhanced Features

Users are finding this “Enhanced” feature very useful in terms of improving their own playlists. However, there is an option to turn it off and one can simply choose whether they want it on or off. . Then you can do so by doing a simple tap on your device as well as potentially removing any of your existing playlist songs that you no longer wish to hear. This “enhance” feature is available both on iOS and Android devices and Spotify company recommends that if users find this new feature enjoyable then they should continue using it in order for their business to thrive.

All the countries where this Enhance feature is available from today are mentioned below:-

  • Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,
  • Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,
  • Estonia,
  • Finland, France,
  • Germany, Greece,
  •  Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy,
  • Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,
  • Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,
  • Poland, Portugal,
  • Romania,
  • Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,
  • Turkey,
  • The U.K., and the U.S.


Spotify just announced a feature named ‘enhance,’ which helps to spice up your playlist. This feature can differentiate them from other music streaming services platforms like Apple Music. It helps to get a perfect song recommendation according to your mood. This feature is exclusively available for the premium subscribers of Spotify only.

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