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SSpotify Live is an application on the social network platform that is dedicated to audio. It allows users to chat or send messages to one others via the sound. There are three categories that are the most popular with users of the application including sports, music, and culture. We’ll first find out more about this app.

Spotify Live Audio is anSpotify Live audio social networking app by Spotify developer


After the acquisition of Lockeroom, Spotify developer AB has started Spotify Live. It is a mobile audio social network that lets users build the audio-based chat rooms of their choice. You can also join groups that are available on various areas with other users across the globe.

It is not just about sending audio however, you can also make use of text format to communicate with them. The app is currently accessible across a range of platforms. If you are using a mobile device it is easy to download the app using Google Play or the App Store. Of course, the app is free, therefore you can use it without any worries.

Free login

In order to access Spotify Live, you need to sign up for an account or sign up using the various choices. How to sign-up to the application is simple. You just have to own a mobile for the number of your phone to sign into the application quickly. You will then must fill in some of your details to create a high-quality profile. The application encourages users to utilize real data for better the user experience.

After logging in successfully After logging in successfully, you will need to input your preferences in order that the app can analyse the relevant information. The choices you make in the next steps will be displayed in the rooms that show up at the Greenroom main screen. Naturally this app will allow you to browse your interests at any time that you do not choose, and then choose to follow them in the future.

Meet other people who share similar interests.

The primary goal for Spotify Live is to create an appropriate playground for all users across the globe. On this app you will discover topics that meet your interests, and then sign into chat rooms and meet other people with similar interest. Every chat room can assist you in understanding the issue or the aspect you’re interested in.

Alongside the music component, Spotify Live also offers various themes for users to select from. You can discover different types of genres such as games, news, culture and much more using this application. We believe it is the Group chat that is available in this app will assist to better comprehend what you’re learning. It’s even more impressive that the information you share comes from friends around the world.

Themes from music are all the time.

As you may know, Spotify is among the most popular music-related platforms in the world. So, it’s easy to comprehend that the topics on Groups in Spotify Live are all music-oriented. It is easy to look into music-related discussions. It could be how to make an original piece of music and how to listen to music efficiently, or how to listen to the most popular songs, and when to listen to them at various time.

The issues you are looking for related to music can be addressed through the various groups. All you have to do is sign up to the appropriate chat group and select and choose the appropriate topic you’re learning about. With Spotify Live, the barrier between listeners and creators of music can no longer be so distinctly. Also, the interplay between different cultures across the globe can be seen clearly by this app.

Familiar dark interface

Spotify Live interface design does not have any significant changes compared to Spotify to make it easier for users to feel the synchronization between the two apps. When you use the app it is easy to see the primary blue-black color, and a variety of feature icons that appear in the display. The app is designed for simplicity in design, coupled with the modernization which will impress you. Additionally, the responses are impressive.

Download Spotify Live APK for Android

Spotify Live is a great area dedicated to music, particularly those who love music from all over the world. It also covers a variety of topics like discussing sports or whatever else you want to talk about within the guidelines or details available within the app. Although it’s not packed with numerous impressive features, this app is a social media platform which you shouldn’t ignore. Additionally, it integrates directly with Spotify since users can have one account to access both platforms.

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