Spotify brings back a special gesture it took away in 2019

Spotify recently released an update for both Android and iOS users. The update brings back a special gesture that Spotify had taken away a few months ago. This gesture is used to skip to the next song. Previously, the gesture was used to show the lyrics of the song currently playing. The update brings back the meaningful gesture of skipping to the next song.

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Spotify is a Swedish company that was founded in 2006. It was earlier known as an online music streaming service. Now, it is the world’s largest music streaming company. Spotify is now used by over 70 million people in over 180 countries.

In 2019, Spotify decided not to include a ‘starred’ playlist feature in its app, which was earlier included. However, in a recent screenshot posted by a Reddit user, it is shown that Spotify has brought back this feature in its app, which can be enabled from the settings. This feature allows users to mark a song as a favorite.

Spotify brings back a special gesture it took away in 2019

In 2018, Spotify had taken away the library gesture when selecting songs to play in the app. In 2019, the library gesture has been brought back in a new update that brings the overall UI of Spotify closer to the original version of the music streaming app 8 years ago.

Some songs are just timeless like good music always is. Spotify is currently experimenting with some of its features and while that may cause a potential uproar among users who were previously fans of the feature, it’s worth noting that some experimental features can work well when brought back properly. For example, There’s a gesture people used to love about two years ago when you could scroll your finger down on Spotify to skip songs in your playlist. It was great for skipping tracks you didn’t like as easily but it got taken out of the newer versions as people complained about it being annoying and/or difficult to use with one hand because you needed to hold the device steady then swipe down across the text or along the edge of the screen.

Spotify wanted to bring back the gesture, and now they’re bringing it back again after two years! There are endless complaints on this topic in their forum, and the developers have decided to test the old version’s gesture on your android phone. It may or may not be a ploy to introduce a new feature – who knows! They wouldn’t reveal what was going on, but I bet those interns were up to something!

With the new update, Android users can enjoy the gesture. There is no official announcement by Spotify to give only forum requests for limited sample tests in limited test samples.

Android users can do a jazz hand twist with their fingers to display their likes or dislikes with new experimental features in the latest version of Spotify’s Android app. While this feature has not yet been released on an official level, it is expected that soon all android users will be able to show this kind of “swag” when listening to their favorite music on Spotify.

With the latest update for their Android app, Spotify users are getting into the groove: the program now includes a feature called “Shake to Shuffle.” There’s no official announcement yet, but it seems they’ve made some improvements to the app which may have been inspired by requests in forum posts.

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