Spotify Added Download Feature in Apple Watch

While other streaming services like Pandora and Spotify have already added a feature to allow users to download their music, the feature was limited to iOS devices.
A new update has been announced on Spotify’s website, Apple Watch, that adds a new downloading feature that users can use to download their favorite music.
It is not only limited to iOS devices, but this one-time download feature is also available for Android users. The company said it started testing the new feature in select countries at launch, however, it hasn’t yet been released to all regions around the world as of now.
The ‘Continuous Download’ is not something many apps provide you but this one-time download feature will certainly make your life easier when you don’t have an internet connection or Wi-Fi at hand. You can simply use your phone and the streaming service app installed on your Apple Watch. The service will automatically download the content once you start listening and stored it for offline listening later on.
If you are a fan of Spotify then you might be all excited about this announcement. The company shared an infographic that shows how many songs you can store in your watchlist before you need an internet connection or Wi-Fi that’s why we need some features like ‘Continuous Download‘.
Wonder what kind of features they are going to add soon? Stay tuned with us, we’ll keep updating here with more news on Spotify!

How to download music from Spotify on the apple watch

Spotify Added Download Feature in Apple Watch

Spotify is one of the biggest music platforms and has become a favorite among users. It is an international music streaming service that offers unlimited, ad-free listening to millions of songs, albums, and playlists on iPhones, iPods, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices including MacBook computers and Apple TV.
Spotify recently updated their app for iPhone/iPad to be compatible with Apple Watch, as well as adding a new feature that allows users’ watchOS devices to download content from the Spotify app on their wrist.
The new feature is called “Download”, which taps into the latest HealthKit API (Apple’s new health API) for third-party apps in the Apple Watch ecosystem. Additionally, Spotify has added a new button at the top of its app to allow users to download content from their watches by tapping the “Download” button.
This means now you can easily download your favorite playlist, podcast, or album directly from your wrist through Spotify’s new Download feature for Apple Watch.
  • First of all, open the Spotify app on your iPhone
  • Then, Find your favorite songs and podcast which you wish to download
  • Select the playlist, album, or podcast
  • Click on three dots (…) to download the track in your apple watch
  • You can check the progress from the “download” section
  • While it is done, you notice a green arrow beside the name of your playlist, album, or podcast
  • Now connect your earbuds and start enjoying the songs, anytime & anywhere without the internet.

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Spotify has a new feature in Apple Watch. If you have Spotify on your iPhone, you can now easily download your favorite playlist, podcast, and albums on your apple watch for offline use. Great news from Spotify, Friday update, listed on Spotify news. Till now, all users can easily stream, track and play music with the help of their Apple Watch’s virtual keyboard.
To date, the only way to download your music is to use iTunes or AirPlay from your iPad or Mac to the Apple TV. But if you are looking for a hassle-free method to enjoy your music without any interruption after you left home or office – then this is certainly one of the best choices for you.
If you are a regular listener of Spotify Music App on an iPhone or iPod touch device using iOS8 operating system (iPhone 7/7 Plus), then here’s some great news for you: You can now add audio files from your iPhone’s Music Library via Apple Watch and sync them up to your iPhone too!


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