Spotify Acknowledges a Disappearing Now Playing Bar Bug Is Affecting Users

If you’re experiencing issues with the Now playing bar in your Spotify is constantly disappearing You’re not the only one. Fortunately, Spotify is working on an answer.

Users of Spotify have reported an issue in the latest version of its Android app. The issue means it that the Now Playing bar which usually appears at the lower right on the display, just below Home, Search, and Your Library, is disappearing, in a random manner. It’s good news that Spotify recognizes the problem and plans to address it in the next update.

Users Report Their Now Playing Bar Keeps Disappearing

On the Spotify Community forums as well On Reddit, Spotify users complain that the bar for Now Playing is constantly being removed from Spotify. According to complaints from the affected users the bar disappears frequently, and without any discernible pattern. For instance, one minute they’re listening to music or podcast without issue and the next they are unable to play or pause what’s playing because the bar that plays Now Playing disappears completely from the screen.

Spotify Acknowledges a Disappearing Now Playing Bar Bug Is Affecting Users

The issue is restricted to Android users who are running the latest version of the Spotify app, which strongly suggests that Spotify accidentally introduced the bug in the most recent version.

The bug appears to be most prevalent on Samsung phones, however, this could be just dependent on the number of users who are using Samsung phones today. It doesn’t appear to matter what versions of Android you’re using, with complaints coming from people using Android 11 as well as Android 12.

The writer has personal experience of this and has caused using Spotify an exercise for several days. I reached out to Spotify for help via Twitter and was able to have an endless and winding back and forth that ended with clearing my cache and data, uninstalling and reinstalling the application and a variety of different attempts to fix the issue. But nothing worked however, the issue persists. If you notice that the Now Playing bar disappears while you’re playing a game The only way to fix it is to stop the app forcefully.


Spotify Acknowledges the Problem, Promises a Future Fix

Spotify has acknowledged that the dissolving Now Playing bar bug exists in an update for Spotify Community which includes a the promise of fixing the issue with a subsequent update. Spotify has asked those affected to “make sure you set your Spotify app to update automatically” and claims that it “should soon do the trick”.

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