Share Songs & Podcasts Easily by Spotify New Feature

Spotify has added features that will be useful for some of its users to Share Songs & Podcasts Easily. It has added a new way so that users can share the music, podcasts, and the activity of the Spotify app.

Spotify has modified the UI for easy sharing of podcasts and music. Spotify has added a new feature to its UI where you can easily share music from Spotify with your friends.

  • There is a new button on the bottom left corner which can reveal the sharing options.
  • To share any song from Spotify, you just have to select the menu option from the album view.
  • When you click on the menu, you will be able to see all the songs added to your playlist.
  • Right above the song name, you will see a new icon which is a speech bubble.
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Timestamp Sharing

On May 10th, 2021, Less than a month ago, there was big Spotify news in the podcast and music industry. In a blog post, Spotify introduced a new feature for sharing songs and podcasts with your customers, friends, and family.

If you love listening to songs on Spotify once in a while, it’ll be super convenient from now on because if you play your favorite song or podcast and then click their share button, your fans will be able to instantly hear that exact part of the song.

In previous days, the only way people could share their favorite parts of a specific podcast was by giving out a brief synopsis or an episode URL that would start from the beginning of an entire track. But now, podcasters can give people just what they want: short single-click links that allow listeners to jump directly to the timestamp of their choice.

Podcasts allow you to pick and choose exactly the section of the audio that you wish others to listen to. Podcasts are generally split up into different sections, or even minutes (depending on the podcasting hosting platform that is used) in order for listeners to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Start playing the podcast episode and as it approaches the part you want to share with your friends, tap the “share” button while listening. Now pause instead of stopping and use the “switch to sharing” feature since tap and hold pauses your current playtime like a normal pause button. Next, send your social media handles that you want to share your current time stamp on (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so that even if it’s paused; listeners know exactly when they will be able to hear what you more!

Spotify Canvas

Share Songs & Podcasts Easily by Spotify New Feature

Spotify has been one of the most popular music streaming platforms for a long time. The app has just made it even more popular by adding a new feature where its users can create audio/music playlists. Spotify has now introduced its Canvas feature, which allows its users to make playlists that stand out.

In short, you are able to share your favorite part of a track in a video looping. Visually, this is very interesting and engaging. Moreover, Spotify has mentioned that 40% of users discover music via social media channels. This is a report which influenced them to focus more on user interaction with the library menu.

That’s why they have added a new clear layout for sharing, representing exactly what you are sharing and where it goes (the destination list). Just preview canvas sharing to know how your videos look in social media posts.

In addition, Spotify also recently updated its mobile apps and messaging platforms. Which helps make all messaging and social media interactions dynamic in order to help users see things more clearly. It is worth noting that these updates are only available on iOS devices and Android. As of yet due to global release restrictions. However, we do anticipate a full rollout by the end of next month for On-Demand listeners.

As for our Premium subscribers in India. It is vital that you reconfigure the play button on your device in order to set up your personal streaming experience preferences. You can begin enjoying our vision for canvas listening!


According to Spotify, the above features help its users to share specific tracks during group sessions and playlist collaboration. By creating a better experience within the app. They are able to provide high-quality music-related content that can entertain listeners extensively. “We continuously improve listeners’ experience” Sophie Ericsson, a spokesperson for Spotify told us in an interview.

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