Google Brings Improvements to YouTube Music to Rival Spotify

With the introduction with the launch of Spotify along with Apple Music, many YouTube users have switched to these apps that offer unique features and high-quality streaming of music. As a result of this shift, Google is working hard in recent days to bring fresh enhancements for YouTube Music. Numerous new options have recently been made available, and innovative enhancements are being made to draw users into the app.

The first feature added is the capability to save a queue to playlist. The feature is accessible on iOS however it was not available in the case of Android users. This feature has been being made available on Android users. Android app. application.

Google Brings Improvements to YouTube Music to Rival Spotify

Another benefit is the increase in diversity of the artists on songs and playlist radios that will offer a greater variety of music from various artist on the radio. A few changes are also planned for smart TVs and smartwatch users. YouTube was able to display the same songs on slightly different interfaces in the past, however today on televisions, there are no duplicates available in the listen again section. Users will therefore not see the same choices once more.

The smartwatches used to have a playlist would be played in a shuffle, while the albums play in the same order. Now , the user can move the playlist around to play of all the music was downloaded previously, which can bring great pleasure and comfort to the user.

A brand new feature called quality-of-life is now available to premium subscribers, making it simpler to move between the mobile app and the web application. Thus, users is now able to easily change music from audio to video, and reverse.

There’s also a change with the addition of a mix for families to the Family shelf for those who wish to pass on their memberships their family and friends. Many users just need to listen to a single audio file and don’t wish to be automatically redirected into a radio station. For these users, Google has made improvements and also single-song queues.

Another change is sharing listener’s songs and their artists pages to Snapchat. A feature called “add to playlist” is now more simple and efficient that was previously a tangled workflow. Google is also working on bringing the Explore section of the home screen, making things easier and more efficient for users.

YouTube Music users YouTube Music will surely be enjoying these new improvements and updates. This, in turn they will aid Google to stay ahead of other players.

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