FC Barcelona and Spotify seal a strategic long-term partnership

The agreement that was signed and approved in members of the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona is subject to ratification at the Extraordinary Delegate Members Assembly which will be held on the 3rd April by way of the electronic voting procedure. The Club will shortly facilitate all the logistical aspects that will coincide with the public announcement of the meeting.

As part of the new partnership, Spotify will become the Principal Partner of the Club beginning with to the 2022/23 seasons. The long-term agreement , which covers the rights to title of the stadium starts in July 2022, and continues through the lengthy redevelopment of Camp Nou. Camp Nou site, as part of the Espai Barca project which will transform the facilities of the Club and surrounding into a world-class new, integrated Barca entertainment venue that is open to the public.

A unique partnership that provides an unbeatable venue for artists

The collaboration between Barca as well as Spotify is a first for the club, bringing two worlds of Music as well as Football together, providing an international stage for musicians and players in Barca’s Spotify Camp Nou Stadium and creating new opportunities to connect players and artists with the fans all over the globe. The partnership also brings together the Main Partner on both kits for women and men in line with both organisations’ determination to nurture and support different talents now and into the future.

FC Barcelona and Spotify seal a strategic long-term partnership
FC Barcelona and Spotify seal a strategic long-term partnership

Additionally, FC Barcelona and Spotify are working together to utilize the Stadium’s surface for promotion to promote and showcase the works of artists to worldwide audience of the Blaugrana’s TV. With the growth of Espai Barca, Spotify is joining the club for the future chapter of its story.

The partnership with Spotify is also a part of the Club’s strategy to seek out partners that share the same values and beliefs that are the foundation of its brand and while at the same time let it maintain its position as a world benchmark both in and out of the field of play and in a highly aggressive and competitive market.

Statement of Joan Laporta, President of FC Barcelona

“We are extremely proud to announce a groundbreaking alliance with an internationally renowned organisation such as Spotify. This alliance will enable us to keep bringing our Club closer to the supporters and make them feel even more as a part of the Barca family with unique experiences, which combine two different activities like football and entertainment. This makes it possible to reach out to new audiences across the globe.

It’s also a union that we are continuing to move forward in this new era we’ve begun, and that demonstrates, yet time and again, the ingenuity and constant pursuit for excellence that define Barca and has created the most unique club around the world.”

Statement of Alex Norstrom, Chief Freemium Business Officer, Spotify

“We couldn’t be more than thrilled to partner in this partnership with FC Barcelona to bring the worlds of Music and Football together. Since July, our partnership will provide a stage for artists, Players and Fans at the new-branded Spotify Camp Nou. We’ve always utilized our marketing investments to increase the reach of Artists and our partnership will bring this strategy to a whole new level. We’re looking forward to creating new ways for FC Barcelona to interact with its world-wide fanbase.

Spotify’s goal is to unleash the creative potential of humans by helping artists make an income from their art and connecting with their fans. We believe that this partnership will create numerous opportunities to carry out this mission in distinctive inventive, creative, and effective ways.”


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