How to Reset Forgotten Spotify Passwords

While working on Spotify Premium, I stumbled upon a bug that leads to the inability to reset your password. This is particularly annoying when you are trying to reset your password after switching from Spotify Free to Premium. Except that this bug wasn’t present in the previous version of Spotify Premium, but it was present … Read more

Microsoft is going to integrate Spotify in Windows 11

Microsoft is going to integrate Spotify in Windows 11

Microsoft has made its move to offer better and high-quality services to its customers. Microsoft’s deep integration with Spotify is one of its innovative steps towards user convenience. It will enable Spotify to become part of the Windows experience. The new version of Windows, which also allows the users to sign in with their face, … Read more

Spotify’s New and Improved Song Recommendations Enhance Feature

Spotify Enhance Feature

Music streaming service Spotify is rolling out a new Enhance Features that will help its users find out more about the songs and artists they are listening to. The feature is already available on the Apple version of the app, and the company is currently developing an Android version. Spotify is rolling out a new … Read more